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Letter from the Pastor
Read the latest from Good News Unlimited's own Ron J. Allen.

aToday Interview with Dr. Ford
aToday interviewed Dr. Ford during the summer of 1999, and they published the interview on their website which they titled "Reflections On Adventism." In this three part series of questions, Dr. Ford discusses several issues concerning SDA Doctrine. Included are questions asked by aToday users and Dr. Ford's answers.

1979 Forum Meeting RA
In 1979, Dr. Desmond Ford gave a Forum meeting at Pacific Union College (Angwin, California) that began two decades of theological debate. The talk was entitled: "THE INVESTIGATIVE JUDGMENT: Theological Milestone of Historical Necessity?" You can listen in RealAudio while you read.

Sabbath in Crisis
Dale Ratzlaff’s book (Sabbath in Crisis) opposes the Sabbath using arguments based on the Bible covenants. Dr. Ford suggests that there is much biblical evidence to support the Sabbath: the distinction between moral and ceremonial laws; worship and moral principle; a more contextual understanding of Colossians 2:16-23; Jesus and his Sabbath miracles; the eternal covenant - and the necessity of not basing conclusions on isolated texts.

Raymond Cottrell on Dr. Ford
Two chapters taken from an unpublished manuscript on the exegesis of Daniel written by Dr. Raymond Cottrell. These chapters have been an important influence to scholars studying the Doctrine of the Daniel and the Investigative Judgment.

Clarifying the Covenants
This study includes a reply to the charge that GNU, by its loyalty to the principles of the Decalogue, has let the gospel slip. Published in the March 1999 GNU Magazine.


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