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Adventist Today FORUM presents:

Reflections On Adventism

an interview with

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Dr. Desmond Ford is an accomplished Adventist theologian and scholar who has addressed many tens of thousands of persons through seminars, sermons and lectures, as well as through books, magazines, radio, and television. His Gospel ministry takes him throughout the United States and to numerous foreign countries on a regular basis. He is also the President and Founder of Good News Unlimited, a non-profit, non-denominational gospel ministry headquartered in Auburn, California. Dr. Ford’s gospel-focused magazine, entitled Good News Unlimited, is distributed in over 80 countries. Dr. Ford’s web site may be found at

Over the years, Dr. Ford has written many books on the Gospel and Christian lifestyle including separate commentaries on Daniel and Revelation as well as the seventh day Sabbath and preventive health. He recently authored a 382-page, easy-to-read commentary on Romans, Right with God, Right Now. Dr. Ford holds two doctorate degrees - one in New Testament studies from The University of Manchester in England under the renowned Protestant theologian, the late Dr. F.F. Bruce (1910-1990) and the other in Rhetoric from Michigan State University at Lansing.

>Prior to 1980, Dr. Ford had a distinguished career with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. He was head of the Religion Department at Avondale SDA College in Australia from 1961-1977 as well as a committee member for the Denomination’s Biblical Research Institute. In 1977, Dr. Ford came to the United States to teach Religion at Pacific Union College until late in 1979 when, at the request of the General Conference, he moved to Takoma Park, Maryland in order to defend his "advanced" position concerning Daniel 8:14 and the doctrine of the "Investigative Judgment." During this period, the Seventh-day Adventist denomination had become involved in a divisive debate over the definition of the "Gospel." Dr. Ford’s uncompromising defense of this historic Protestant doctrine as reflected in his interpretation of Daniel 8:14 led to his surprising dismissal from Denominational employment as a Theology Professor and Minister in August of 1980. His controversial termination was reported around the world by such magazines as Time, Newsweek, and Christianity Today.

Almost two decades have passed since Dr. Ford took his courageous stand for the Gospel. Since that time, it has become obvious that Dr. Ford’s teachings have led many Christians to a better understanding of personal salvation and the Scripture. In fact, many within the Seventh-day Adventist church have adopted his view of the Gospel and his advanced position on the Investigative Judgment. Although it has been almost two decades since Dr. Ford has been exiled from the Denomination, he is still a Seventh-day Adventist who personally supports a vegetarian lifestyle as well as such fundamental doctrines as the seventh day Sabbath, Second Coming, Judgment, state-of-the-dead, new earth, etc. We are grateful that Dr. Ford has agreed to participate in this Adventist Today forum interview. Dr. Ford has also agreed to come on-line after the interview is posted to answer some follow-up questions.

For convenience, a table of general topics has been added below.

General Topics - Table of Contents

Part 1 - Discussion of events surrounding Glacier View
1. Seventh-day Adventism
2. Glacier View & The Investigative Judgment
3. Investigative Judgment
4. Glacier View Aftermath
5. Investigative Judgment Cover Up
6. The Investigative Judgment Doctrine
7. Prophetic Interpretation

Part 2 - Discussion of other Adventist doctrines
8. Spirit of Prophecy and Ellen White
9. Seventh-day Sabbath
10. Second Coming
11. Messianic Judaism
12. Time of Trouble
13. The New Earth

Part 3 - Discussions on Adventism's future, present struggles, and prospects for reform
14. The Future of Adventism
15. Guidance to the Church
16. Advice for Individuals
17. Women’s Ordination
18. The 27 Fundamental Beliefs
19. The Gospel and Adventism
20. Adventist Reform

Follow-Up - Dr. Ford answers questions from the aToday forums
21. Investigative Judgment in the Old Testament
22. Year-Day Principle
23. The 2,300-Day Prophecy
24. Updated Doctrine to Replace the Investigative Judgment
25. The Judgment
26. The Mediatorial Judgment Gap
27. Definition of Good
28. Dr. Ford’s Teaching Style
29. Doctrinal Dogmatism
30. The Judgment Debate
31. Bible Study
32. Lutheran-Catholic Accord on Justification by Faith
33. Adventist Reform


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