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‘After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.’ (1 Kings 19:12).

A glance at who the famous people of the world are, will reveal that we are accustomed to choosing tough and tempestuous types, for our heroes. Fire and thunder is more suited to the imagination, than a gentle breeze. Timid fold are seldom in the headlines. In the 16th century, Martin Luther was a rough-hewn kind of man, and he is most remembered, even though his quiet friend, Melancthon was probably just as effective.

The heroes of the Biblical world were those who were great in Battle; Samson, Joshua, and David. In our culture, sporting heroes are our idols. Not because of their supreme delicacy! We admire them because they are not delicate. Indeed, we lionize them for their ruthlessness in the arena.

God is not necessarily like those who are popularly admired. On the contrary, he seems to have a preference for what is less prominent. His style is unique. He chooses to align himself with the less notable; less spectacular. Size and strength do not mesmerize him. He distinguishes himself from that which others look to, for getting things done. Unlike the moguls of the advertisement world, he avoids celebrity, and big names. Find something, or someone that others have overlooked on account of their frailty, ignorance, or weakness, and there you will have found the exact instrument that God is likely to choose. This is good news. It means hope for us.


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