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GOOD NEWS UNLIMTED is a Christian teaching ministry and resource center. It is evangelical, interdenominational, and non-profit.GNU is not a church. It does not seek to proseltyze. The principle instruments of ministry for GOOD NEWS UNLIMITED are:

GOOD NEWS UNLIMITED MAGAZINE: Published every two months, GNU's articles chiefly consist of expositary meditations on Scripture, and aids to spiritual growth in the gospel. GNU magazine is free upon request.

THE GOOD NEWS LETTER: Published every second month, THE GOOD NEWS LETTER contains brief devotional notes plus items of interest to subscribers and supporters.

BIBLE SCHOOLS: Thre of these are held each year at GNU corporate headquarters in Auburn California. Others are held across the country and in Canada. The Bible schools are dedicated to the study of the objective gospel; as spelled out most clearly in the books of Romans and Galatians., and epitomized in the cross-ressurrection event.

TAPE OF THE MONTH: T.O.M. is a popular tool for busy people. A monthly cassette tape contains two sermons by GNU preachers. The subject matter is confined to the central themes of the message of Christ.

RADIO: See Radio guide.

SPEAKING APPOINTMENTS GNU speakers may entertain guest speaker invitations. Call: 530-823 9690

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"With Martin Luther we can joyously proclaim: 'Mine is Christs living and dying as if I had lived his life and died his death.' Thus, sanctification is always the fruit of Christian experience, and never the root. When John Wesley heard the gospel, he gave up his legalism but continued his self-denying life, not now as the root, but as the fruit of his faith. - Desmond Ford Right With God Right Now Page 272"

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Dr. Desmond Ford
Dr. Desmond Ford
Pastor Roy Gee
Pastor Roy Gee
Pastor Ron Allen
Pastor Ron Allen

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a book by Dr. Desmond Ford.

In the light of the events of September 11, the words of Jesus, "You have heard that it was said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, . . ." (Matthew 5:43) have to be seen not as nice little aphorisms to be framed and hung on a wall, but as urgent "life or death" imperatives for us to be more like God, who make the sun to rise on the evil and the good (Matthew 5:45).

This little volume by Desmond Ford examines the nuclear peril in the light of the radical love of God expressed in Jesus. It is full of faith and hope. For example: "The problem is not the nuclear weapons. It is the nuclear man. No one would be worried about nuclear war if Mother Theresa was put in charge of the nuclear weapons. It's not the hardware, it's the heartware." "The bomb is limited in its range. The worst it can do can only last until the resurrection."

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Grace Alone
The kindness of God in Christ brings you Salvation. Seven messages featuring Good News Unlimited Pastors Roy Gee and Ron Allen.
$20 for the set of four tapes.

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